A man of many talents, both explicit and implicit, goes to China for a couple of semesters…
This is his story, still being determined.
So here it is amigos! A heavenly bit if heaven demanded by popular demand!
Stay tuned, my friends; stay tuned!
Email me your comments and I just might make you famous!


I’m now an internationally published photographer!
EFY has used my photos from last summer on their website for 2010 EFY!
Jan 13 2010 - EFY Pics Published Internationally

Just getting home from the Harbin Ice Festival and the Great Wall of China! Check back soon for pictures! This was INCREDIBLE!

Losing my crown as UH’s International Superstar, plus other glorious tales of New Years in Hong Kong!
Pictures on the way!

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! Santa caught eating with chopsticks!!! What has long been reported by executives at Santa’s Christmas Logistics Squad, but doubted by nonbelievers for centuries, it has been confirmed that Santa does in fact eat Chinese food with chopsticks!
Dec 22 - Santa eats with Chopsticks

Hark! The Angels Sang in Hong Kong!
Dec 25 - Hong Kong Christmas

To reverse the unfortunate decline in numbers of Santa believers, Santa himself is taking a mass marketing approach with unannounced visits to China. When asked about why he chose to visit non-traditional Christmas locations like Guangzhou, China, Santa simply replied, “If I can manage a significant market-share of new believers amongst China’s 1.3 billion people, I can show some quick positive results to investors from the South Pole and keep them happy for a few more centuries.”
Dec 22 - BES Christmas Party

The Glorious Everyday Moments that Happen Now and Again During A Semester in Guangzhou!
Dec 22 - Miscellaneous

Globetrotting Guangzhou! The day the basketball gods smiled upon me...
Nov 24 - AmCham hosts the Harlem Globetrotters
Dec 6 - Globetrotters in Guangzhou

Do Panda’s Hibernate or Move to HI for the Winter?
Nov 22 - It's Cold

Attention: Single Ladies!
Nov 22 - Attention Single Ladies
Dec 14 - Attention Single Ladies Part 2

Shanghai Trip!
Nov 6 - Shanghai Trip - Day 1
Nov 7 - Shanghai Trip - Day 2
Nov 8 - Shanghai Trip - Day 3
Nov 13 - Shanghai Week of Visits
Nov 15 - Shanghai Trip - Hangzhou

Obama and AliB.
Nov 2 - Obama and AliB

An Attempted Academic Look at Self-Reliance,
and the Unexpectedly Beautiful Results.
Nov 1 - Self Reliance

Just to prove that life isn’t entirely fun and games and that classroom-education pursuits do occur in Guangzhou, here is an assignment I submitted recently for my China Supply Chain & Logistics class.
It’s a consideration of a Virtual Services Value Chain. (The assignment called for 5 pages and I was compressed to keep it at just over 6, but the professor seemed to like it.)

Oct 29 - Virtual Services Value Chain : Alibaba Case Writeup

Remember our panda friend? The one who once lived a perfectly content life watching hockey, drinking Slurpees, and hanging out in the tops of the bamboo forests? Well, turns out the world’s economic climate changed dramatically and a job was needed to maintain his lifestyle. To research this phenomenon, he decided to do some research in China’s Shenzhen and see what these crazy little things called businesses where all about.
Oct 27 - Shenzhen Factory Tour

Ever wonder where “made in China” toilets were made in China?
Oct 18 - Foshan Ceramics & Salon of Nomads

What kind of deal can you give me if I buy 5000 of those bouncy contraptions?
What is the indoor speed limit for electronic skateboards in the middle of a large crowd?
Questions, questions, questions....

Oct 17 - Canton Fair

I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies. Now I’m good at everything!
Oct 16 - The History of Economics

“Hey Jon! You should introduce yourself to your [future] wife.”
- Jeremie Brecheisen, married roommate.

“It’s a food and shopping paradise!” – Esther Lau, Hong Kong Original.
Oct 1 - Journey to Hong Kong
Oct 2 - Hong Kong Day 1
Oct 3 - Hong Kong Day 2
Oct 4 - Hong Kong Day 3
Oct 5 - Hong Kong Day 4
Oct 6 - Hong Kong Day 5
Oct 7 - Hong Kong Cars

Tsunamis, Typhoons, and Earthquakes
Sept 30 - Natural Disasters

“Service is like peeing your pants; everyone else sees it, but you get the warm feeling.”
Sept 27 - Acts of Service

Sept 27 - 干杯

The iTunes Top 64 Artists!
Sept 23 - iTunes Rankings

Take me out to the ball game, maybe there will be a crowd.
We ought to bring our own peanuts and crackers.
I really do care about the next time we get back to the air conditioning.
For it’s one-two-full count-double to deep center at the Chinese ballgame!
Sept 20 - Baseball Game

According to several prominent media outlets, I was seen wandering the streets of Guangzhou on Thursday. While some paparazzi reported that he seemed lost at times, the journalists seem to agree that he was in control the entire time.
Sept 19 - Traveling Guangzhou

It wasn’t until I went back in time, was I able to think of this rhyme:
The further we dig into the hole, the more we have to learn from the ancient souls.
Sept 19 - Mosuleaum

"Study extensively; Enquire accurately; Reflect carefully; Discriminate clearly;
Practice earnestly"
Sept 19 - Off to School

Chicken guts and chicken feet are a joy for a hungry panda to eat.
Sept 16 - Chicken Guts and Feet

Winds and rain from hurricanes mean the smoggy air gets cleaned out.
Grab an umbrella kids, it’s time for school!!!
Sept 15 - Tropical Storm Koppu

Thai Elephants and Bengal Tigers and Chinese Panda Bears, Oh My!
Sept 15 - Locations in Asia

What would you do for a Tootsie-pop?
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Klondike Bar?
Sept 14 - First Marketing Class

在广州的中山大学 even the panda had to wake up from permanent playtime and go in search of those important things in life… things like bamboo leaves and the class schedule for the new semester.
Sept 13 - Class Schedule

Where am I? Philosophers from Aristotle’s invisible pet-friend panda through Cletonious the Wise have pondered this one. As for me in my first week in Guangzhou, I am here!!!
Sept 12 - Where am I?

Star left-winger, #57, launches the Frisbee to the wide-receiver flying down the right side of the ice… and the umpire calles strike three. Should have been ball 4. Debatable.
Sept 11 - Baseball and Frisbee

Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect.
– Jesus Christ
Sept 7 - Testimony

I once scored a goal in a beginner adult hockey league in south Florida. Very
exhilarating! Then I learned that cars in China don
ʼt stop, slow down, or rarely
honk for pedestrians… should I mention the 5 second rule when a light turns red?
Very exhilarating!!!
Sept 6 - Shopping

Admit it, food is more about the experience and memories surrounding the event than what is actually eaten. Except in
广州… the food here makes the experience a moment of euphoria, splendid joy, and blissful happiness to compliment the atmosphere. Cheers!
Sept 4 - Food

First days are akin to the first time the duckbill platypus dropped an egg and realized everything was going to be different, but in that endearingly pleasant way that leaves one excited for future prospects.
Sept 3 - First Day

Arrival is a sweet scoop of chocolate ice cream, or you’re favorite flavorful dumpling before authentic sweet and sour pork; or something like that according to the lost Chronicles of Cletonious the Wise.
Sept 3 - Travel to China

I wonder if the websites that track the location of Santa Clause as he makes his rounds early on Christmas morning before the kids arise would track me as I embark on my one-way journey to Guangzhou??? If not, not all is lost; you may just have to use a little more imagination using the guide listed below.